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UX- the significance

Saturday, April 6th, 2013


Testing zIGGYpop on ios products

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

WOW. my year has been superbly busy and yet blessed. I finally found time to work on my game again. Yes- i know, its about time. I finally tested portion it to the iphone.  Technology moves so fast- that the sdk pages are constantly updating and require new mac ios computers to port to newer ios devices. I have an iphone 3 and an Ipad 2. I started out with an iphone sdk version 3. That ports fine to my phone,but cant to my ipad. I updated to sdk package 4. That one is still too outdated to port to my ipad2. grrr…so you ask why i just dont upgrade to the latest sdk, I tried and i am using a mac mini that i do the majority of my ios development on. The OS on the mac mini is 10.6.5   When i purchased it- I had to upgrade the OS to something I can develop unity games with. To port to the lates IOS devices, you need the latest sdk along with latest OS system. Yes, apple is constantly evolving, which is great but cost alot. So unless i upgrade my OS, i wont be porting specifically to my ipad2 for testing, though my app will be able to run on the ipad 1, 2 +.  This has been a long time coming and I am very proud. Will be even more proud when its released.



calculating distance an object moved

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Enock and I have begun development of our game. I have even started filming our development. We are well into week 3. Well, one of the code snippets i was tasked to developed involed the calculation of our how far our object has moved throughout the game. If the doll has moved 30 meters- we need to keep track of it. Especially when she dies so that this can be tallied up on a piece of paper that will appear on death().

I found a script in C# that i thought did what I needed, but in unity- it throughout errors. I converted it–somehow into javascript. It is below: There are two private var set up. that shows the distance traveled and the last position. You can view the old code here   I went in and added my 2 cents sense another user was having the same issue. The last thing a user needs to do is  create a guiText field that will plug into their GUI, which then will feed the results.

private var  distanceTravelled  : float= 0;
private var  lastPosition:Vector3;
function Start()
  lastPosition = transform.position;

function Update()
  distanceTravelled += Vector3.Distance(transform.position, lastPosition);
  lastPosition = transform.position;

ipad app (web based + native)

Thursday, June 14th, 2012








I have been beyond the definition of the word busy.  Anyways, took out some  time today to begin crafting a new app. It simply will be a healthcare informational application.-Real basic, but something to showcase mobile application UI and development skills. Application is using MVC style structure and HTML5/Js. 

I was so eager to test it on my ipad. My husband had a few suggestions as far as functionality goes. He suggested that I have some sort of indication that show the buttons (icons) have been pressed. I also noticed that you have to softly tap the icons to get functionality out of them. hmm..not sure if a “tap” is enough or wondering if I should add some other event. I also notice that 3 of my icons got accidentally cropped out from withing the view. My dimensions are obviously off- .


Ziggypop Adventure game (web)

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

2.5d sidescroller game. All 3d models, animation, graphics, and interactivity developed by me. Simply put, this is a 3d world giving the impression of a 2d side scrolling game.
Game is coded in javascript  

The app is on iTunes and googleplay




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