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IOS/Android App (coming soon)

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

IMG_1030[1]Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 10.03.37 AM


IOS/Android app developed to fight child hood obesity or just to get kids moving. I worked on this app for nearly 2 years. Created using unity game engine. (Javascript based)


3D(Maya),Photoshop,Illustrator, and Unity game engine

After Affects for marketing video

Cordova(phonegap)/jqueryUI/bootstrap/ & Unity3d

Monday, December 16th, 2013

I felt compelled to blog about some frameworks  i played around with this weekend and found much success utilizing them.



I had phonegap/cordova installed on my mac months back so that I could publish out a sencha touch app. Long story short(at the time I did not understand it nor like sencha or the whole process). So I recently had some slow time so I decided to revisit cordova-since I have read much praise about the API. Well, I gave it ago again! My biggest issue was creating a new project. Sadly, this is what held me back in the past, and why I had lost interest. You see with the new version of phonegap(cordova) there is no template that installs in xcode, so you have to manually go in the terminal editor and “create” the path, project name, and ect. Its really the only issue once you get it working. I stumbled a few times, but now I am steam rolling through the app development process. I took a concepted app to a exported semi-function app within a couple of hours. My html/css/js skills have increased alot within the last month simply because a project I have dealt with for work that initially was using alot of it to load captviate swfs since my CBTPlayer can only captivate 4 swfs or swfs published for as2.0. But that will be a whole other post. I came up with a nifty solution to the issue for other developers who may have that issue in the future.

Possibilities are endless and its up to me to push it even far.  I totally love Cordova. I am indeed impressed! In the API documents, I did read about some limitations that will exists if running on IOS, but would work on the blackberry and Android devices.

On another note,what have I been doing with UNITY3D?

Well, I had an app I have been working on for over a year (yeah). Lots of tech issues, but its to the point where I wanna release within a month. All the characters are in. There are some minor issues and glitches, but Its nearly enough for me to show off. One issue I dislike with unity is importing a rigged modesl in because their eyes need to be polys instead of nurbs and you know most eye animations are nurbs, so I think the plan is to convert those nurbs to polys- i hope the animation is not lost. The eye animations really give my little cartoon characters life and while they are currently in the game, they all have a stoic look.






Motion Graphics (UPS pitch)

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

- quick animation for UPS
click link for animation:


Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 1.40.02 PM

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 1.44.33 PM


Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 1.44.27 PM



2013. 1st post of the year

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

My first post of the year. That is pretty funny.  Have not been utilizing flash as much these days, but I here and read that there will be a new version code-name Hellcat coming out. Am I elated- not really. At work, have not been using flash as much, but trying to transition content for the IPAD. There were times when I loathed rapid development tools, but gotta hand it to ya- Articulate Storyline and Captivate takes the cake. Though both have their quirks- the content easily displays on mobile without any code what so ever. Well…I will say for storyline- some HTML5  you personally have to add code too- to get rid of that welcome screen/ play screen. I see some conflicting issues with the code- but I am sure there is a work around.

Aside from that, I may write a couple of tutorials for the Captivate industry. I feel there is not enough of  basic tutorials on how to do what is referred to as “advanced techniques” but really are simple once you gather the basic fundamentals – not kidding.  I am someone that can understand/ write  code and are applying those same principles in captivate using “advanced functions”, that are not advanced and I am not understating that. Its more of understanding a basic if then statement, but for folks who don’t understand that- I will create a TUT that will have you churning out interactive content in a heart beat. There is too many long-winded tutorials and not enough- short to the point tutorials. Once people understand simple techniques- they can apply that to all of their workflows. Most of the advanced tutorials are for text fields and adding variables to input fields.  This cool- but not needed that often. Most of the time folks just want to do  what in reality is simple actions that in the “Captivate World” is considered advanced.

Next on my list is obtaining a certification in Human Factors (user-centered design analyst). This is something that can be completed in 2 weeks, but with work and all…that is  impossible. So I am spacing the short 2 days classes out into a few months. I hope to be certified shortly after I am done. Though I already have the skills.

Why human factors….hmm that should be another post. But if you know me outside of work, know my personal projects- it definitely make sense! It took a while after research to find the path- but finally found an area. Its crazy. Started out as a 3d artist. Then went to graphics and flash development- mostly development(coding). Now trying to focus on user experience, prototyping, and user centered design with human factors.

I am updating my site to include prototyping and some wireframes.

Only few more days left in 2012

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

The year is nearly wrapping up. Folks are paranoid about the world’s potential end. I am looking forward to 2013. I plan to consistently launch games on IOS. now that I understand the workflow for it, possibilities are endless. Its been a long time coming, work has trumped my ios development projects and I had to make this happen. Investing in oneself is important. I notice lots of folks wait for people to train them or folks to hand them tools. I on the otherhand forcefeed myself info. Yes,i fail many of times while learning but I learn!

A new year. New goals. continuation of old goals. Continue workouts and good eating habits.I have completely changed my eating habits- took a while, but progress is sweet.Been working out consistently for close to 6 months-everyday. Havent had a dr pepper in almost 2 years :)   though mainly drink powerade and water. (Would love to switch to more water-still a struggle).

whatelse….i use my mac mini more, of course for ios developments. I am considering taking either a c# class or c++. I think utilizing c# in unity would be sweet and i could also be able to extend the environment if i could pick up on c++. There is no way i will learn objective c. NO way….just to much of a jump.

As i previously mentioned, I have a mac mini. I have an ipad2. iphone sdk 4.0  OS 10.6.–i believe.  Thinking about buying a used ipad 1 and just testing out my builds to it….hmmm…either that or i need to just upgrade my OS on the mac mini. Its crazy how much APPLe evolves….The problem mainly is i cant even create a profile for the ipad2 because itunes says its incompatible. BLAH!

Testing zIGGYpop on ios products

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

WOW. my year has been superbly busy and yet blessed. I finally found time to work on my game again. Yes- i know, its about time. I finally tested portion it to the iphone.  Technology moves so fast- that the sdk pages are constantly updating and require new mac ios computers to port to newer ios devices. I have an iphone 3 and an Ipad 2. I started out with an iphone sdk version 3. That ports fine to my phone,but cant to my ipad. I updated to sdk package 4. That one is still too outdated to port to my ipad2. grrr…so you ask why i just dont upgrade to the latest sdk, I tried and i am using a mac mini that i do the majority of my ios development on. The OS on the mac mini is 10.6.5   When i purchased it- I had to upgrade the OS to something I can develop unity games with. To port to the lates IOS devices, you need the latest sdk along with latest OS system. Yes, apple is constantly evolving, which is great but cost alot. So unless i upgrade my OS, i wont be porting specifically to my ipad2 for testing, though my app will be able to run on the ipad 1, 2 +.  This has been a long time coming and I am very proud. Will be even more proud when its released.



calculating distance an object moved

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Enock and I have begun development of our game. I have even started filming our development. We are well into week 3. Well, one of the code snippets i was tasked to developed involed the calculation of our how far our object has moved throughout the game. If the doll has moved 30 meters- we need to keep track of it. Especially when she dies so that this can be tallied up on a piece of paper that will appear on death().

I found a script in C# that i thought did what I needed, but in unity- it throughout errors. I converted it–somehow into javascript. It is below: There are two private var set up. that shows the distance traveled and the last position. You can view the old code here   I went in and added my 2 cents sense another user was having the same issue. The last thing a user needs to do is  create a guiText field that will plug into their GUI, which then will feed the results.

private var  distanceTravelled  : float= 0;
private var  lastPosition:Vector3;
function Start()
  lastPosition = transform.position;

function Update()
  distanceTravelled += Vector3.Distance(transform.position, lastPosition);
  lastPosition = transform.position;

removing whitespace in unity3d-( the easy way)

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

I am still using unity3d version 3.0. I dont plan to upgrade until maybe next year. I do have flash cs6 though.

Well..unity3d throws an annoying error about having whitespace in your code. Well, to prevent this or if it occurs- go here

and paste your code in there. Then copy the newly populated code back into your script file and that error should be removed. It prevents having to go in line by line and delete white space- most of the time it is hard to find which space they are talking about.

My husband and I are working on a game. I am only doing the programming of the game. He is doing all the artwork. It will also be a sidescroller. I have finally figured out how to implement the ios portions of the game- by adding the tap and swipe functions.  He pretty much whiteboarded the entire project. Our deadline for it is 7 weeks. I think we can pull it off!

ipad app (web based + native)

Thursday, June 14th, 2012








I have been beyond the definition of the word busy.  Anyways, took out some  time today to begin crafting a new app. It simply will be a healthcare informational application.-Real basic, but something to showcase mobile application UI and development skills. Application is using MVC style structure and HTML5/Js. 

I was so eager to test it on my ipad. My husband had a few suggestions as far as functionality goes. He suggested that I have some sort of indication that show the buttons (icons) have been pressed. I also noticed that you have to softly tap the icons to get functionality out of them. hmm..not sure if a “tap” is enough or wondering if I should add some other event. I also notice that 3 of my icons got accidentally cropped out from withing the view. My dimensions are obviously off- .


back to programming

Monday, April 16th, 2012

The year is moving fast as usual. Great things are happening.

I am finally back to doing some serious wbt courseware development. Feels great!  All I can say is that I am very blessed. Got the new sencha touch book. Came in a few weeks ago.

All I can say is- never give up. Long as you keep faith- you will be blessed.

a new year

Monday, January 9th, 2012

happy 2012. We ended  and started 2012 in NYC.  Very cool experience. It was a great way to start and end our year.  after a week of rejuvenation- back to work. :)

2011 year ending…oooooo the optimism a new year brings

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

SOOOO. Unity 3.5 is beta testing the new flash export tool. It has sucked my interest a bit (although flash is up in the air(no pun intended)). The fact that unity can export to flash-opens even more doors. The problem with that is- the new IE and other browsers won’t support flash by default (which basically puts unity in the same situation it was in before). The downside of unity before was having end users install plugins for flash-with the release of the new IE-they will have to do the same. So not sure if I wanna upgrade.

Well, 2011 has come to an end. I, like most, am looking forward to the new year. I love all the hope and inspiration that a new year brings. Most feel like its a fresh start – so we come up will all these resolutions, which I think is awesome because it helps us try and better ourselves in some way, shape, or form.  How often do you try to do that? So if the changing of a new year helps you do that- then so be it!  I know that i am constantly working on myself and am always trying to do better. I will end this by saying- do whatever it is you want in life. BE YOURSELF! and Live the Life you want to live, no matter what someone thinks. But always be mindful of others because there may be someone looking up to you.

 Happy New Year my friends. See you in 2012 :)

ipad hybrid app near completion

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

So my ipad hybrid app is near completion. WOOhoo! Thought it take the entire weekend, but i spent a couple hours this afternoon trying to parse the twitter api data. I couldn’t figure out why the twitter profile’s text wasn’t loading, but the users pics were loading. I was only missing a small snippet of code, which was overlooked. The twitter section was loading over the entire app- so i spent some time troubleshooting it. Again, another piece of code needed to be changed from true to false. oooohhh booleans. Gotta love them. So in the meantime, I will be coding 2 more pages for this hybrid app and It will be enough to post….woohoo! I need to get photoshop installed on my mac because its a pain working on my pc-then transfering all my work to the mac.

Turkey day came and went

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Turkey day has come and gone. We all should be thankful. There are people out there who don’t have much and appreciate what they got and who they are. Remember to put GOD First, push forward, and tell your loved ones how much you love and appreciate them.

Help forums

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Over the past 5 years, I have mainly used forums for help. Its rule of thumb for most developers to turn to forums for help because you learn alot from other developers, and your question has probably been already asked; so most of the time, you can search them for tips to accomplish something or fix a bug. Well, i have used  since 2006ish. And its interesting to see a once thriving forum diminish and morph into a ghost site. Your post is unlikely to get answered.  I remember having questions posted and within minutes- a response. Even the founder bailed. He works in the banking and finance industry. Although, the lack of response on the forums is due to flash developers migration to web standard technologies or IOS development. Today, you can catch me in the sencha forums chirping away.

Model-View-Controller(mvc), css3,html5,js, iPad dev and more

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

I have been studying MVC design patterns. What is it? Well application development can get quite messy with hundreds and hundreds of lines of code and for the sake of sanity and reusaabilty, engineers tend to rely heavily on design patterns. Patterns form a structure  which your application is built upon. It allows a sense of organization and clarity. Ever look through some people’s code and try to figure our how things are organized and the Why’s??? Well, 9 times out of 10, if they are a competent developer, their relying on a design pattern. The most common pattern in web/app development is MVC. You have the Model(which is the data), the view(which is the GUI), and the controller, which plugs info to the UI. I have been reading up on this for the past couple of weeks and implementing it into my IPAD app. (My app project requires a post on its on). But its built in MVC structure. What does it do? Its using json,css3,html5, and Javascript along with twitter and google open apis.  This will be my first ipad app.

*My hubby and I have an awesome trip coming up(counting down) and I am looking forward to it. Though pics will be posted on facebook.

Thanksgiving is here!  Time flies. I am indeed thankful for a lot. We’ve been in our house for over 1 year/feels longer. I also learned a lot this year and my spirituality has progressed. God has strengthened me in many ways and he still is.

We watched the move “THE HELP” last night. I usually stray away from movies like that because it brings up ill feelings. But I watched it. Im glad I did. Though it reminds me of struggles that are still faced in society, how far people have come, and how there are still those struggles throughout our  lives that will always be there-no matter what. We shouldnt let folks get the best of us and instead to “keep truckin”. It’ll only empower you to aim higher.


JSFL and actionscript 3.0

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Had some downtime yesterday @ work. In our last meeting-the idea of automating some of our tasks came up. Immediately-i thought back to some years ago when my coworker/friend would create tools that would automate most of his tasks. Back then..had no idea what he was coding in, just knew he was working with some xml and as3.0.  Ive actually researched jsfl for some weeks, but didn give it a go until yesterday.

I crafted a panel in jsfl that basically automates most of the redundant tasks that my teammates face daily. We link to glossary terms, hyperlinks, media credits, manipulate text spacing daily. Having a tool that speeds up this tasks will definately cut down on time it takes to deliver these assets. I coded it mainly in a day. But it is cool to see flash pull up your custom built panel.


GOt some html5 ipad applications in progress.woo hoo!

O-M-G…i just got an IPAD 2

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

My hubby just surprised me with an IPAD 2. yay!

Google API integration with json and YQL

Monday, October 10th, 2011

I have been working on implementing google’s api into my app. I think that the “true routing” feature is pretty unique and being able to code that in itself is outstanding.  For people like myself, who get lost ridiculously easily(even walking)-having an application guide you to your destination is important. I have seen many implementations of this, I even contacted someone in Russia who had a tutorial on using google’s api within HTML. I am trying to use that along with asynchronous recursion of some twitter feeds with extjs.

My iphone also died-due to water damage.  I’m using a temporary phone. I just ordered another iphone and it should be here this week. Nothing is like an iphone.

Steve Jobs happened to pass away last week. We all chatted about it @ work. A lot of people seemed surprised. I wasn’t-I mean this guy lived for APPLE-and by stepping down that was a red flag. But the medical leaves also were red flags.

I read an article that listed some of his memorable quotes. One particularly stood out to me.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

stacking it up with ext-js

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011


On my free time, I have been continuing to learn more about the ext js framework. I finally managed to grasp an understanding of nesting both images and text within panels using css. I was struggling trying to get the html data to load while trying both. My buddy and I had a conversation about of course switching industries, well just upgrading to either web front end or backend. We are both on the same page about flash. About 6 months ago, I was trying to get into the flex environment, but with the whole downfall with flash. Totally not worst investing the time.

Mobile technology  is where it’s at-but i definately need some samples to showcase.I rather show my work then say–hey I can do this and that. I finally got data to load within a tabPanel…small to some-but very proud of that achievement. I have many wireframe sites that I have architected out and been creating

dummy sites for practice. I will be uploading images of the sketch, the psd mockup, and then finally the finished IP

AD version.

I also need to eventually learn JSON, which from what I have read-appears to have the same relation to javascript as xml does with flash. My goals have shifted  a bit this year, still headed towards the  mobile direction, but I am definitely seeing the direction I would like to proceed in as far as from a skills standpoint. Regardless of that, I plan on studying also UX and UI. User interaction along with user interface design go hand in hand and most companies have them as two different roles(which should be). Both are important when

developing mobile

applications, thats why I would like to study on that some more.

At home, I have a PC and Mac. All my mobile development is done on my mac because I have a web development environment set up on it. On my pc, I never setup one, but I can recall when I was reading tutorials, the first step was to setup a web development environment and I had no clue to what that was. LOL. I even contacted several developers(Flash)and they had no idea also because flash development is totally different from web.But finally, some great person at sencha told me what I NEEDED to

get going. and WALLA! I don’t intend on setting one up on my PC. I mainly use that for any 3d or flash stuff and even graphical elements that I may need..along with my gaming content. I have some goodies from the UNITE11 conference this year in CALIFORNIA. Seems like most folks have started up their own little miniture companies on the side. UNITY has big plans for the upcoming release.

I have also been checking registrations for other upcoming conferences and they are over priced-for instance, one conference is $2800. If I am going to pay that much just for entrance-I better be given a


EXT JS- dynamic panels

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Last night, I spent several house studying ext js. I am learning how to
both configure and implement layouts using ext js, which
can be implemented on both IOS and Android devices. Dynamically lay outing
with the ext js api can be quite tricky for many reasons. I don’t consider
myself a hardcore javascripter-though I tend to work with many javascript
based frameworks. JS seems to be a pretty hot language of choice for many
web developers. I plan on studying the syntax more.

Before coding up
a layout- i started off with simple sketches. Seems like when it comes to
dynamic layouts and content nested within itself, sketches seem to be
highly important. I architect-ed nearly 10 ideas on paper. It was actually pretty fun. I was trying to “wrap my head” around coding panels within panels-stacking them vertically and horizontally. Once, this step is understood–you can create the most advanced of advanced layouts for your device.

So why create layouts dynamically instead of visually? Well, working with flash for the past 7+ or so years…i have always done everything visually and used a little xml here and there, but in order to achieve more I have to conform and start coding dynamically. It’ll help me better in the long run.

Popular Mechanics Ipad App

Monday, September 26th, 2011

I have become quite fascinated with apps for magazines. It not only saves on paper, but they are highly interactive and appealing…More on this later.

CNET info graphic media presentation…very nice!

Saturday, September 24th, 2011


Flash is dying…..dune buggy game under development

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

For the past year mainly or since the release of the iphone and other IOS platforms, there has been much talk about flash being killed off. Having worked in the elearning since 2005, I knew how important it was to keep my flash skills up. Well, a couple days ago there was a new article about in the next release of the IE browser, there will be no automatic support. In other words, the flash plugin will not come installed in your browser as a default. Well, regardless of it- the majority of my career has been spent utilizing flash and actionscript and luckily I was smart enough to start picking up web standards and the new HTML5. Yep- flash is dying. Its interesting because all of our online products @ work run off of HTML/CSS/javascript and some flash widgets embedded(so i guess that was kinda smart to do that since we have so many), but all our code is regular xhtml/css/javascript. At this moment in time, its kinda no point in trying to beef up on AS3. But i also saw that ADOBE has released a converter thatll switch all your code to css3. So i guess thats good if you still wanna use flash. Honestly, I have run away from it- and swapped over completely to the new HTML5/javascript/ and css. What has peaked my interest is that there are better opportunities with working with web standards and mobile applications. I am currently also beefing up my programming skills by taking classes and within a year( I will be a certified web and mobile application developer). I am currently studying c++ and Java languages.

I have been testing my web applications on the Ipad and Iphone. These should actually run on any mobile browser simply because they are not NATIVE.

My game stuff: I have started also developing a dune buggy race game. The dune buggy – I modeled my last year of college. I always wanted to do something with it, but of course @ the time- I didn know jack about game development. Why is unity merging with flash? = dumb.

I will be doing lots of traveling in 2012 attending several mobile conferences and events.
I will also be launching a web based application soon!!!


Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Loving my gameover text. Nice graphics can really give dull games life.

Very proud of my other half

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Check out my boo @ 34 seconds and 1:15 in the lime green (my fav color). Love you boo boo. He leads and manages the game design team over there. Hes also their in house “3d artist”. :)

GUI screen 2

Friday, March 18th, 2011

GUI screen 1

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Some GUI  screen designs Ive been working on for my 2.5d game. Has a retro spin to it.

Main screen and the main User Interaction  screens

The screens have been developed in photoshop. I will pull these in the engine and apply code to them.


Stacking and Chaining Coroutines

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Back to working on ZiggyPop and I fixed where I left off. Its wierd  how I hadn’t touch this in a while and it took me less than an hour to figure out what I needed. Well, i reached the part where Z land on the button. That triggers the animation of the button going down. Well, like in the Cordy game that j’adore, I wanted to simulated that same camera movement that shows…an action. An action like a door opening, a bridge falling, or something off in the distance happening. The easy way for me to implement this was by yielding and adding coroutines.  I have a button animating down, yielding-waiting few seconds and camera pans off to the area where a bridge  will animate downwards. I am simply just animation the transforms of the camera axis using both triggers and colliders. The trigger is for the camera zone and the collider is for when ziggy lands on the buttons. Very-easy and limited code. Took some trouble shooting but I got it doing what I want….More to come. Seems like everytime i try to upgrade the engine-it corrupts files. So i decided i wont upgrade wow something is under development. If a project is completed-  and something brandnew is about start-then sure. Not sure what causes that but I almost would have lost this again.

Adobe vs Apple

Monday, March 14th, 2011

The rift between Adobe and Apple has ended. Adobe lost of course. They decided to develop their own tool which will take swfs and convert to HTML (HTML5). The tool is somewhat  similar to Sencha Animator. Sencha animator takes sencha animated content and exports it out as CSS3 code. My thought is that Wallaby (adobe product)  sucks because it only converts CS5 swfs, which I do not have , but my hubby has it installed on his desktop. So that still leaves me in the same predicament, though i do think this is better than having to use the iphone shell foundi n the cs5 suite. Adobe is really trying here, but regardless- whatever they come up with, I still dont think it will be good enough. Wallaby seems really rushed. I think they need to develop an entire kit-so that it would @ least feel native. A kit similar to iphone sdk package.Book cover of Being Geek

My buddy just recommended a book to me called “Being Geek”. I am definately interested in taking a look at it. Its a software developer’s career handbook. It has some interesting topics that I am excited to get some insight on.  I also purchased another book/video tut on developing rich media applications using flex and mxml. This appeals to me because it teaches youthe fundamentals of object oriented programming utilizing flex and mxml along with deploying effective web applications that can access xml from a database. Yes, very geeky-but I am sure it would be beneficial.

 The folks in Japan are definately in my prayers.

Asynchronous Recursion.

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Its a new year! And I have hopped from framework to framework within the past month. I have come fond of webdevelopment. I like playing around with markup languages and javascripting. Frameworks are wayyy cool though. Jquery , MooTools, and lots of homemade frameworks can go pretty far-they tend to streamline the web development process for people that are actually into code. I decided to code instead of using WYSWYG editors. Its great to actually hand code web sites and lay them out from scratch.

I am working on some portfolio elements that are completely geared towards web dev and mobile development. Along with rich media ads.

And now I speak of… Asynchronous recursion. What is it?

What is it. Its basically the continuous update of displayed tweets. This feature is used alot-and I wanted to tie that into a mobile app that I am working on. This can be accomplished with java using certain APIs. I am sure frameworks out there support this..maybe even HTML5. Lots of frameworks have their own sets up APIs that you, as the developer need to learn. Its not so much of memorizing(which over time–you inadvertently do) but understanding the syntax. Even if your not an expert code junkie, keeping the set of APIs open and glancing back and forth will do the trick. I will be posting web apps that I have been working on that are honing my skills.

Its a new year. Enjoy your life. Hang around good positive people and Great things will happen.

The write less code. do more.Love it!

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

Playing around with more code and loving it.

Heres what I have been messing with:Javascript,(x)html,css3, and the very cool xcode. I developed my first minature web application. Wait…..arent all web apps-miniture? Yes! Its actually very basic-does nothing to fancy, but functions beautifully on the iphone and also integrates the iphones nativity. Has the same style that is used within the “settings” application found every iphone.  yes=”Go Me!”;

HTML5 thoughts?

HTML5 will wipe a lot of flash out. sorry :(  I am a hardcore flash user, but more is needed. The support isnt really there for typical swfs as far as the future of the current mobile web goes. Yes, some things are possible, but too much to go through to get your content to work. I have seen the simple integrations that html5 will wipe out. The new tags and interactions will make html a more powerful language. Most current browsers wont support it, but I definately forsee the html5 capabilities within the future releases.


I remember when i feared these 3 letters, but nowadays I have been wondering why I stayed away from it. PHP is pretty dorn cool integrated with HTML or actionscript. I only dabbled with it and read about it, but haven’d done too much.

What can i use it for? forms and storing data. In actionscript, flashsharedobj are used to store data locally(which is great for flash).For some reason I like forms. I think being able to develop some sort of application that allows an end user to input information is kick-ass. Having that data posted to a server and retrieved is very remarkable. Being able to develop that yourself is pretty sweet.


I like how APPLE came up with this crazzy azz syntax. They made their own syntax even sound cool and more clever than the typical syntax found in other programming languages.  I think web apps seriously about to take over.It is Highly understandable though because no one wants to keep going to the app store to get an app. Having that available immediately is convenient.

Time to pick up a Development frameworks+libraries:) Flash/as2/as3 alone is not enough

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

I decided its best for me to expand my knowledge base and start working with web development based frameworks. I plan to conquer a couple of frameworks within the next couple of months-particulary javascript based frameworks such as jQuery.  Javascript seems to be the answer to cross platform mobile dev issues. So studying j-based framework should help.  I also plan to start brushing up on basic web development that involves html,css,and xhtml since I have been playing around with these frameworks. I spent the weekend dabbeling with a framework more specific to the iphone . Its just too bad that I waited this long to embrace web development.Better late than never. But hey, I am a fast learner when it comes to development and playing around with code. Lets see where this will lead me. I WILL definitely have  a new section added to my site. I chatted with a buddy of mine, and he suggests i pick up a server side language also. He recommended that i not so much master it, but gather a great understanding on how scripts will be called to the server and back to the UI. Flash seems to be taking a backseat as far as its uses for everyday development.

The revolution of apps

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

The rise of the mobile app- I declare it a revolution!

The past year and a half, I have watch mobile apps blow up. A year ago-I was only interested in
the casual game applications that could be developed for the iphone and ipod touch. 1 year later, I am delving into native apps for the iphone along
with mobile web application development. 2 years ago-totally not interested in APPLE at all, but
almost 1 year later,I have bought a used MAC MINI along with an iphone. Imagine my
status in another year. I suggest anyone who is a tad bit computer literate and have
some interest in designing or developing in  web related media to start learning how to work with mobile media.
To me, that seems to be where all the web media related jobs are heading. The mobile industry is only gonna get bigger within the next few years thanks to the lifespan of mobile apps.

Native apps vs web apps

What are the perks to native apps?What are the perks to web apps and what the heck does
that mean?
Well, native apps are developed for a specified party-ie: iphone, blackberry, window OS, andorid, nokia….
wHATS BEEN annoying me recently with XCODE is that it will only be beneficial
to the APPLE products.Whichever apps i developed with the IPHONE SDK will only run on the
ipad or iphone. Huge bummer because that means I would have to recode all their apps to suit
different phones..or learn different languages( javascript, object -c, C#, java). Well, in doing daily research
I came across SENCHA TOUCH. Sencha Touch is a mobile web framework that
will suit the iphone,blackberry,window7 and the android. Obviously, in a nutshell this is what
all developers have been waiting for.
This is what everyone will most likely need. Its a  javascript based framework(so i can work with it) and it also
ties in the new HTML5! This is a definite plus. It will give you the feel of native apps
but it is web based. So i suggest folks to jump on this but to not give up on their native
app development tools because I still  see businesses wanting native apps for some
of their clients.
This totally helps with the cross platform issues. Folks, i suggest you  grab a java script book + a cup of
coffee this weekend and get on the grind if you plan on having a job in the near future.

mobile website

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

My site is now mobile friendly. Still trying to figure some things out. The actual site looks great on smartphones, but not all phones are created equal-so I went in and made it mobile user friendly. . My mac mini is up and running. I used an old monitor(its small,but suits me well).

In having an iphone, I noticed a lot of unique features that really stand out to me. The small aspects such as the censors in the phone are really appealing. For instance, it senses when my ear or hand is close. If so,the light shuts off. If its away—it comes back on. I think thats a unique touch and it conserves power doing that. That minor detail comes in handy in the dark. This may be old and already duplicated in other phones, but i never had one that did that, and I find it to be rather cool. I am behind a couple of years in getting one, but I am glad I waited. Typically when products are first released, they are released with numerous bugs and are highly overpriced.

Sometimes its the small things that matters the most.

Trading and more

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

So get this………..i traded my iphone that i got from ebay for….a newer one. The one that I got from ebay apparently was a 2g-and it was $89. I got a 3G for free. My sister in law decided to switch…. she took the 2g and turned it in for a discount on her new phone.  Very sweet deal. This makes me remember a story I saw in the news with a guy that ended up getting a porche after he traded he traded his cellphone. My mac mini should be here any day now….Now i only need  a APPLE monitor. Again folks..give thanks and be thankful!!

What i like about APPLE and steve jobs!!!

I like how they pretty much censor apps..remove them..basically keep the APP STORE clean. If it wouldnt be for that, there would be some pretty profane apps out there in which kids can download. I just read that the app store removed an anti-gay app.  Nearly 1 year ago, i read the requirements for apps. The rules are pretty strict-and if any violation your app will immediately be declined. Kids cannot be portrayed badly in apps either. For example, one guy had a baby being tossed into a  truck. The whole game incorporates kids being tossed into the back of a truck–and in someway it promotes violence or hatred towards children. That was REJECTED!!! and the developer was a bit peeved at that. But you cant portray celebrities and politicians of any sorts. I have seen many political  games rejected.  That shows thatAPLLE are not allabout the quick buck.

Using physics(the study of matter through time)

Friday, November 26th, 2010

What is physics? and how can i better utilze it

Well, in my game…I have been trying to add physics to the flat bridge. SO after she walks on it- I want it to collapse. Physics are a powerful functionality. What is it? Well, game physics simulates Newtonian physics and that involves classical mechanics,but I am not getting that indepth. Basically, if you study the laws of physics you read about matter and motion through space and time. A more broader description is the analysis on how our universe behaves. So In my game, I wanna to implement physics–why?because it will make it more fun, appealing, and life like. If my character walks on a bridge, it starts collapsing as she walking. Or….big huge rocks start dropping from the sky but bounces in away the mirrors a huge rock falling from a cliff….or I am sure you have heard of ragdoll physics. Most developers or aspiring devs have. Physics are fun…along with the usage of active  rigid bodies.

So good

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

So far, all is looking pretty cool as of now. Of course second round+ things always get better. The more you do something the better it will be over time.  Those are words I consistently tell myself. No such thing is a failure. There is always room for improvement. The 1st game was just a practice.

Game Mapping Level 1 is under RE-development

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Finally got everything rolling. Ziggy is walking, camera scrolling, and collection all rolling. I probably will be able to knock this out quickly. What I will say that is great about re-development is that—the files and code is cleaner and better organized.

Troubleshooting ziggys controll script

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Troubleshooting ziggys character animation on ctrled movements. Take a look below. Nearly 3 hours of debugging. I am getting there. She is walking. Next I am implementing camera movement--And I should start rolling after that.

function OnDeath () {
Spawn ();

function UpdateSmoothedMovementDirection () {
var h = Input.GetAxisRaw (“Horizontal”);

if (!canControl)
h = 0.0;

movement.isMoving = Mathf.Abs (h) > 0.1;

if (movement.isMoving)
movement.direction = Vector3 (h, 0, 0);

// Grounded controls
if (controller.isGrounded) {
// Smooth the speed based on the current target direction
var curSmooth = movement.speedSmoothing * Time.deltaTime;

// Choose target speed
var targetSpeed = Mathf.Min (Mathf.Abs(h), 1.0);

// Pick speed modifier
if (Input.GetButton (“Fire2″) && canControl)
targetSpeed *= movement.runSpeed;
targetSpeed *= movement.walkSpeed;

movement.speed = Mathf.Lerp (movement.speed, targetSpeed, curSmooth);

movement.hangTime = 0.0;
else {
// In air controls
movement.hangTime += Time.deltaTime;
if (movement.isMoving)
movement.inAirVelocity += Vector3 (Mathf.Sign(h), 0, 0) * Time.deltaTime * movement.inAirControlAcceleration;

function FixedUpdate () {
// Make sure we are absolutely always in the 2D plane.
transform.position.z = 0;


function ApplyJumping () {
// Prevent jumping too fast after each other


Got Ziggy walking, camera scrolling…and it is on!!!!

If anyone asks me who do I look up too…..

Monday, November 15th, 2010

This is who I look up to and admire.

Pam Fox, Jeri Ellsworth, Emily Chang, Hilary Mason,Danese Cooper, Leah Culver, Amanda Wixted,Sarah Allen, jenn Lukas, Nicole Sullivan, and Luara Thomson, Marissa Mayer Sara Chipps, Allison Gianotto, and Gina Trapani,so on…… this goes on for the top female developers in the world. Women like these who have made names for themselves in the industry. Alot of them are self taught developers like me. I definately cannot compare myself to them because these chicks are awesome, but this is who I aspire to be….some day. Im sure it took time, but these women are who they are for their hardwork and dedication and that the type of passion i admire!

Got an iphone!

Ziggypop Adventure 1: Mushroom Hut Saga

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Since I am redeveloping mode, my goal is to have this whole game completed by early December. First and foremost, what was wrong with game that I didn not like? How should I improve it and make it more efficient? I love my character ziggy and plan to use her in other games . After this, I have a lot of other games in mind geared towards childrens or casual game players. Ziggy currently has 1 opponent. A pink dinosaur. SHould there be more?
Ziggy runs around with a backpack? is this of any importance, will she collect anything? yes, i plan on having her collect gem and use it as powerups.
ziggy is a kid. why is she roaming all these levels alone? makebelieve, i guess that doesn really matter..or maybe I can add more to that backstory as time goes on.

What makes a true game developer?

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

What makes a true game developer you asks?
a) one whos files become corrupted and have no choice but to start all over without any gripes
b) one who consistently refines their code

The answer is A+B. Yes, my files are officially in some way corrupted. I have to start all over. Yes, it happens to the best of them. RULE #1. Always have multiple backups. See, i know this,but i tend to forget when it comes to game dev stuff. I should and know to pay attention more because of this. With flash and all my other–I am consistently backing up. So i will be rebuilding this game in less than 1 month. This will only make me code stronger and faster.(This is a low impact game anyways). ah,

invisible space characters in javascript causes errors—very wierd. I am considering downgrading…

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Apparently whites spaces in the code is triggering the newest errors in the engine, what a pain to fix.
function Start (){
function Update () {var controller : PlatformerController = GetComponent(PlatformerController);

iMac G4 donation

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

I decided it be best to donate  this iMac G4 to someone in need. Its a pretty good station, but does not support what I need it point in storing it here and its too good to just toss out. I am on a quest in search of someone seeking a pc most likely for their teenager. MACS are hot right now, but this one does not support the Leopard OS and is not intel based system. I may just drop it off at a thrift store, but would rather personally give it away.
I have another pc i would like to give away, but I need to wipe out the HD. Its a DELL, that I purchased my last year of college. It has only 1GB of RAM but a 250gb HD. Wouldn’t that be great to donate a PC and MAC this year. PC values have plummeted so much in the past couple of years its ridiculous to see how little a pc will COST in 5 years–seriously. I remember when I was in highschool and my mom bought me a GATEWAY for like $1500 bucks. The gateway HD prob was like 10GB and I would fill that up so fast. The computer today prob would be worth $20. lol

I also have a TOSHIBA laptop that I prob will sell eventually. That laptop got me through my contracting days. It comes in handy when showing work to others though.

Not sure if I want this one

I am not really a laptop user, but i know in my circumstances it may come in handy. But then again, I literally will only be using whatever I get for file exportation. Someone told me yesterday that you can run a your pc through a MAC.


Friday, November 5th, 2010

Looks like my iphone should be here anyday now.  Whats unfortunate about my MAC is that it not capatible with iphone app development……i need an intel based system.  Yes…so looks like i will have to purchase a new mac–and honestly give this one away. Ill prob get the mac mini…ahhh

Its official…I am now an Apple ios developer

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

I am now a certified ios developer :)

got a used macG4 (used simply for file exports) $100 bargain

got a used iphone 3g //on its way ($89 bargain) screen is scratched up though. One trip to the APPLE store to replace that which may be about $25 bucks

(need one more package upgrade  for my game engine software)

and it is on!!! All I can say is I am blessed or lucky…or just both…but one things for sure…I am very thankfull!!!

If one would view this blog–it  looks like Ive been working on this game for 1 year. Nah…in total maybe a few months…Just when you dont have the full versions of software…some things are limiting. Plus, i could never test my game out fully on an iphone without having some sort of mac ios. Trust me…I have been waiting to get all this equipment. And I didn wanna shell out 2k on a Mac when i just got a spanking brand new HP computer last xmas from my hubby bear and Im not really a mac user. But the iphone has blown up so big—and game dev on iphone/ipad/ipod touch is huge…Id like to extend out to both pc and mac users…and hey…if my game engine decides to allow end users to export straight to the iphone without using the ios in  year or so…well i only shelled out $100 bucks on a G4.

The speed of technology

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Technology is constantly changing and improving faster than ever-and its your choice if you want to keep up with it or not. I finally installed a newer version of a game engine i purchased and I am so excited.  The opportunity to export to game consoles, iphone, ipads, and the android is all there. I find that highly amazing and anticipate that——- eventually I will have something on a game console. Mainly- my focus  right now is web player based games along with mobile.  I see great things about to start happening. Its up to me -to learn as much as I can, but faster.  Major project  update coming soon. Overall- this has been a fantastic year with many accomplishments with more to come.

Year almost over with..

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

2010 is nearly over with.  Work wise-I have been busy-thats why this game is not yet done. I should have a mac G4 here soon! I then will be able to export my game to the iphone–hell yes. I got a mac for $100 from a sound engineer at my husband’s  job and she worked out a sweet deal with me. I literally will only be using it to sync my game files to the iphone. I promise you-this game will be on the iphone by no later than feb 2011.  This overall has been a great year for me. More to share shortly…..

Hopefully in November I can polish out the game. I definately wont be able to get to it in october-i will cross my finger and toes but I have many friends and family awaiting my game on the iphone.

I plan to add a new section to my site.By the way i love wordpress because its ease of  use when it comes to updating. Back to the new section that I mentioned,  I plan to have a Courseware (move all my elearning stuff here) and a Game Application  section. This will apply to online games and mobile products I developed. Trust me- once i get one going–this section will exhuberantly expand.

Fixed a few bugs

Monday, August 16th, 2010

I fixed a few bugs today. One really had me stumped. I was stumped on the bug that would not let me restart the game after dying 3x. Im stillnot sure what exactly cured it but its cured.  I came across the cordy game a few days ago..Totally inspired me. I love how once a certain location is reached and you can trigger events by jumping on objects for example, buttons. I implemented that idea in the last level-of course I would love to do more of that, but that involves some serious thinking–plus coding camera movements–NOT THERE YET! but i will be.   I added a button with an arrow pointing to indicated that ziggy needs to jump on the button to release the draw bridge!!!I will user bob berkebile new class that he recently updated to trigger the rotation on that bridge.

I also plan on getting my blog to show categories. For example, If i blog about xml, javascript–all of it gets categorized. I also plan on having a complete gaming section–since this is one of my new fond hobbies!!:)

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