Cordova(phonegap)/jqueryUI/bootstrap/ & Unity3d

I felt compelled to blog about some frameworks  i played around with this weekend and found much success utilizing them.



I had phonegap/cordova installed on my mac months back so that I could publish out a sencha touch app. Long story short(at the time I did not understand it nor like sencha or the whole process). So I recently had some slow time so I decided to revisit cordova-since I have read much praise about the API. Well, I gave it ago again! My biggest issue was creating a new project. Sadly, this is what held me back in the past, and why I had lost interest. You see with the new version of phonegap(cordova) there is no template that installs in xcode, so you have to manually go in the terminal editor and “create” the path, project name, and ect. Its really the only issue once you get it working. I stumbled a few times, but now I am steam rolling through the app development process. I took a concepted app to a exported semi-function app within a couple of hours. My html/css/js skills have increased alot within the last month simply because a project I have dealt with for work that initially was using alot of it to load captviate swfs since my CBTPlayer can only captivate 4 swfs or swfs published for as2.0. But that will be a whole other post. I came up with a nifty solution to the issue for other developers who may have that issue in the future.

Possibilities are endless and its up to me to push it even far.  I totally love Cordova. I am indeed impressed! In the API documents, I did read about some limitations that will exists if running on IOS, but would work on the blackberry and Android devices.

On another note,what have I been doing with UNITY3D?

Well, I had an app I have been working on for over a year (yeah). Lots of tech issues, but its to the point where I wanna release within a month. All the characters are in. There are some minor issues and glitches, but Its nearly enough for me to show off. One issue I dislike with unity is importing a rigged modesl in because their eyes need to be polys instead of nurbs and you know most eye animations are nurbs, so I think the plan is to convert those nurbs to polys- i hope the animation is not lost. The eye animations really give my little cartoon characters life and while they are currently in the game, they all have a stoic look.






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