2013. 1st post of the year

My first post of the year. That is pretty funny.  Have not been utilizing flash as much these days, but I here and read that there will be a new version code-name Hellcat coming out. Am I elated- not really. At work, have not been using flash as much, but trying to transition content for the IPAD. There were times when I loathed rapid development tools, but gotta hand it to ya- Articulate Storyline and Captivate takes the cake. Though both have their quirks- the content easily displays on mobile without any code what so ever. Well…I will say for storyline- some HTML5  you personally have to add code too- to get rid of that welcome screen/ play screen. I see some conflicting issues with the code- but I am sure there is a work around.

Aside from that, I may write a couple of tutorials for the Captivate industry. I feel there is not enough of  basic tutorials on how to do what is referred to as “advanced techniques” but really are simple once you gather the basic fundamentals – not kidding.  I am someone that can understand/ write  code and are applying those same principles in captivate using “advanced functions”, that are not advanced and I am not understating that. Its more of understanding a basic if then statement, but for folks who don’t understand that- I will create a TUT that will have you churning out interactive content in a heart beat. There is too many long-winded tutorials and not enough- short to the point tutorials. Once people understand simple techniques- they can apply that to all of their workflows. Most of the advanced tutorials are for text fields and adding variables to input fields.  This cool- but not needed that often. Most of the time folks just want to do  what in reality is simple actions that in the “Captivate World” is considered advanced.

Next on my list is obtaining a certification in Human Factors (user-centered design analyst). This is something that can be completed in 2 weeks, but with work and all…that is  impossible. So I am spacing the short 2 days classes out into a few months. I hope to be certified shortly after I am done. Though I already have the skills.

Why human factors….hmm that should be another post. But if you know me outside of work, know my personal projects- it definitely make sense! It took a while after research to find the path- but finally found an area. Its crazy. Started out as a 3d artist. Then went to graphics and flash development- mostly development(coding). Now trying to focus on user experience, prototyping, and user centered design with human factors.

I am updating my site to include prototyping and some wireframes.

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