Only few more days left in 2012

The year is nearly wrapping up. Folks are paranoid about the world’s potential end. I am looking forward to 2013. I plan to consistently launch games on IOS. now that I understand the workflow for it, possibilities are endless. Its been a long time coming, work has trumped my ios development projects and I had to make this happen. Investing in oneself is important. I notice lots of folks wait for people to train them or folks to hand them tools. I on the otherhand forcefeed myself info. Yes,i fail many of times while learning but I learn!

A new year. New goals. continuation of old goals. Continue workouts and good eating habits.I have completely changed my eating habits- took a while, but progress is sweet.Been working out consistently for close to 6 months-everyday. Havent had a dr pepper in almost 2 years :)   though mainly drink powerade and water. (Would love to switch to more water-still a struggle).

whatelse….i use my mac mini more, of course for ios developments. I am considering taking either a c# class or c++. I think utilizing c# in unity would be sweet and i could also be able to extend the environment if i could pick up on c++. There is no way i will learn objective c. NO way….just to much of a jump.

As i previously mentioned, I have a mac mini. I have an ipad2. iphone sdk 4.0  OS 10.6.–i believe.  Thinking about buying a used ipad 1 and just testing out my builds to it….hmmm…either that or i need to just upgrade my OS on the mac mini. Its crazy how much APPLe evolves….The problem mainly is i cant even create a profile for the ipad2 because itunes says its incompatible. BLAH!

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