Testing zIGGYpop on ios products

WOW. my year has been superbly busy and yet blessed. I finally found time to work on my game again. Yes- i know, its about time. I finally tested portion it to the iphone.  Technology moves so fast- that the sdk pages are constantly updating and require new mac ios computers to port to newer ios devices. I have an iphone 3 and an Ipad 2. I started out with an iphone sdk version 3. That ports fine to my phone,but cant to my ipad. I updated to sdk package 4. That one is still too outdated to port to my ipad2. grrr…so you ask why i just dont upgrade to the latest sdk, I tried and i am using a mac mini that i do the majority of my ios development on. The OS on the mac mini is 10.6.5   When i purchased it- I had to upgrade the OS to something I can develop unity games with. To port to the lates IOS devices, you need the latest sdk along with latest OS system. Yes, apple is constantly evolving, which is great but cost alot. So unless i upgrade my OS, i wont be porting specifically to my ipad2 for testing, though my app will be able to run on the ipad 1, 2 +.  This has been a long time coming and I am very proud. Will be even more proud when its released.



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