removing whitespace in unity3d-( the easy way)

I am still using unity3d version 3.0. I dont plan to upgrade until maybe next year. I do have flash cs6 though.

Well..unity3d throws an annoying error about having whitespace in your code. Well, to prevent this or if it occurs- go here

and paste your code in there. Then copy the newly populated code back into your script file and that error should be removed. It prevents having to go in line by line and delete white space- most of the time it is hard to find which space they are talking about.

My husband and I are working on a game. I am only doing the programming of the game. He is doing all the artwork. It will also be a sidescroller. I have finally figured out how to implement the ios portions of the game- by adding the tap and swipe functions.  He pretty much whiteboarded the entire project. Our deadline for it is 7 weeks. I think we can pull it off!

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