2011 year ending…oooooo the optimism a new year brings

SOOOO. Unity 3.5 is beta testing the new flash export tool. It has sucked my interest a bit (although flash is up in the air(no pun intended)). The fact that unity can export to flash-opens even more doors. The problem with that is- the new IE and other browsers won’t support flash by default (which basically puts unity in the same situation it was in before). The downside of unity before was having end users install plugins for flash-with the release of the new IE-they will have to do the same. So not sure if I wanna upgrade.

Well, 2011 has come to an end. I, like most, am looking forward to the new year. I love all the hope and inspiration that a new year brings. Most feel like its a fresh start – so we come up will all these resolutions, which I think is awesome because it helps us try and better ourselves in some way, shape, or form.  How often do you try to do that? So if the changing of a new year helps you do that- then so be it!  I know that i am constantly working on myself and am always trying to do better. I will end this by saying- do whatever it is you want in life. BE YOURSELF! and Live the Life you want to live, no matter what someone thinks. But always be mindful of others because there may be someone looking up to you.

 Happy New Year my friends. See you in 2012 :)

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