Model-View-Controller(mvc), css3,html5,js, iPad dev and more

I have been studying MVC design patterns. What is it? Well application development can get quite messy with hundreds and hundreds of lines of code and for the sake of sanity and reusaabilty, engineers tend to rely heavily on design patterns. Patterns form a structure  which your application is built upon. It allows a sense of organization and clarity. Ever look through some people’s code and try to figure our how things are organized and the Why’s??? Well, 9 times out of 10, if they are a competent developer, their relying on a design pattern. The most common pattern in web/app development is MVC. You have the Model(which is the data), the view(which is the GUI), and the controller, which plugs info to the UI. I have been reading up on this for the past couple of weeks and implementing it into my IPAD app. (My app project requires a post on its on). But its built in MVC structure. What does it do? Its using json,css3,html5, and Javascript along with twitter and google open apis.  This will be my first ipad app.

*My hubby and I have an awesome trip coming up(counting down) and I am looking forward to it. Though pics will be posted on facebook.

Thanksgiving is here!  Time flies. I am indeed thankful for a lot. We’ve been in our house for over 1 year/feels longer. I also learned a lot this year and my spirituality has progressed. God has strengthened me in many ways and he still is.

We watched the move “THE HELP” last night. I usually stray away from movies like that because it brings up ill feelings. But I watched it. Im glad I did. Though it reminds me of struggles that are still faced in society, how far people have come, and how there are still those struggles throughout our  lives that will always be there-no matter what. We shouldnt let folks get the best of us and instead to “keep truckin”. It’ll only empower you to aim higher.


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