JSFL and actionscript 3.0

Had some downtime yesterday @ work. In our last meeting-the idea of automating some of our tasks came up. Immediately-i thought back to some years ago when my coworker/friend would create tools that would automate most of his tasks. Back then..had no idea what he was coding in, just knew he was working with some xml and as3.0.  Ive actually researched jsfl for some weeks, but didn give it a go until yesterday.

I crafted a panel in jsfl that basically automates most of the redundant tasks that my teammates face daily. We link to glossary terms, hyperlinks, media credits, manipulate text spacing daily. Having a tool that speeds up this tasks will definately cut down on time it takes to deliver these assets. I coded it mainly in a day. But it is cool to see flash pull up your custom built panel.


GOt some html5 ipad applications in progress.woo hoo!

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