stacking it up with ext-js


On my free time, I have been continuing to learn more about the ext js framework. I finally managed to grasp an understanding of nesting both images and text within panels using css. I was struggling trying to get the html data to load while trying both. My buddy and I had a conversation about of course switching industries, well just upgrading to either web front end or backend. We are both on the same page about flash. About 6 months ago, I was trying to get into the flex environment, but with the whole downfall with flash. Totally not worst investing the time.

Mobile technology  is where it’s at-but i definately need some samples to showcase.I rather show my work then say–hey I can do this and that. I finally got data to load within a tabPanel…small to some-but very proud of that achievement. I have many wireframe sites that I have architected out and been creating

dummy sites for practice. I will be uploading images of the sketch, the psd mockup, and then finally the finished IP

AD version.

I also need to eventually learn JSON, which from what I have read-appears to have the same relation to javascript as xml does with flash. My goals have shifted  a bit this year, still headed towards the  mobile direction, but I am definitely seeing the direction I would like to proceed in as far as from a skills standpoint. Regardless of that, I plan on studying also UX and UI. User interaction along with user interface design go hand in hand and most companies have them as two different roles(which should be). Both are important when

developing mobile

applications, thats why I would like to study on that some more.

At home, I have a PC and Mac. All my mobile development is done on my mac because I have a web development environment set up on it. On my pc, I never setup one, but I can recall when I was reading tutorials, the first step was to setup a web development environment and I had no clue to what that was. LOL. I even contacted several developers(Flash)and they had no idea also because flash development is totally different from web.But finally, some great person at sencha told me what I NEEDED to

get going. and WALLA! I don’t intend on setting one up on my PC. I mainly use that for any 3d or flash stuff and even graphical elements that I may need..along with my gaming content. I have some goodies from the UNITE11 conference this year in CALIFORNIA. Seems like most folks have started up their own little miniture companies on the side. UNITY has big plans for the upcoming release.

I have also been checking registrations for other upcoming conferences and they are over priced-for instance, one conference is $2800. If I am going to pay that much just for entrance-I better be given a


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