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EXT JS- dynamic panels

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Last night, I spent several house studying ext js. I am learning how to
both configure and implement layouts using ext js, which
can be implemented on both IOS and Android devices. Dynamically lay outing
with the ext js api can be quite tricky for many reasons. I don’t consider
myself a hardcore javascripter-though I tend to work with many javascript
based frameworks. JS seems to be a pretty hot language of choice for many
web developers. I plan on studying the syntax more.

Before coding up
a layout- i started off with simple sketches. Seems like when it comes to
dynamic layouts and content nested within itself, sketches seem to be
highly important. I architect-ed nearly 10 ideas on paper. It was actually pretty fun. I was trying to “wrap my head” around coding panels within panels-stacking them vertically and horizontally. Once, this step is understood–you can create the most advanced of advanced layouts for your device.

So why create layouts dynamically instead of visually? Well, working with flash for the past 7+ or so years…i have always done everything visually and used a little xml here and there, but in order to achieve more I have to conform and start coding dynamically. It’ll help me better in the long run.

Popular Mechanics Ipad App

Monday, September 26th, 2011

I have become quite fascinated with apps for magazines. It not only saves on paper, but they are highly interactive and appealing…More on this later.

CNET info graphic media presentation…very nice!

Saturday, September 24th, 2011


Flash is dying…..dune buggy game under development

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

For the past year mainly or since the release of the iphone and other IOS platforms, there has been much talk about flash being killed off. Having worked in the elearning since 2005, I knew how important it was to keep my flash skills up. Well, a couple days ago there was a new article about in the next release of the IE browser, there will be no automatic support. In other words, the flash plugin will not come installed in your browser as a default. Well, regardless of it- the majority of my career has been spent utilizing flash and actionscript and luckily I was smart enough to start picking up web standards and the new HTML5. Yep- flash is dying. Its interesting because all of our online products @ work run off of HTML/CSS/javascript and some flash widgets embedded(so i guess that was kinda smart to do that since we have so many), but all our code is regular xhtml/css/javascript. At this moment in time, its kinda no point in trying to beef up on AS3. But i also saw that ADOBE has released a converter thatll switch all your code to css3. So i guess thats good if you still wanna use flash. Honestly, I have run away from it- and swapped over completely to the new HTML5/javascript/ and css. What has peaked my interest is that there are better opportunities with working with web standards and mobile applications. I am currently also beefing up my programming skills by taking classes and within a year( I will be a certified web and mobile application developer). I am currently studying c++ and Java languages.

I have been testing my web applications on the Ipad and Iphone. These should actually run on any mobile browser simply because they are not NATIVE.

My game stuff: I have started also developing a dune buggy race game. The dune buggy – I modeled my last year of college. I always wanted to do something with it, but of course @ the time- I didn know jack about game development. Why is unity merging with flash? = dumb.

I will be doing lots of traveling in 2012 attending several mobile conferences and events.
I will also be launching a web based application soon!!!

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