Stacking and Chaining Coroutines

Back to working on ZiggyPop and I fixed where I left off. Its wierd  how I hadn’t touch this in a while and it took me less than an hour to figure out what I needed. Well, i reached the part where Z land on the button. That triggers the animation of the button going down. Well, like in the Cordy game that j’adore, I wanted to simulated that same camera movement that shows…an action. An action like a door opening, a bridge falling, or something off in the distance happening. The easy way for me to implement this was by yielding and adding coroutines.  I have a button animating down, yielding-waiting few seconds and camera pans off to the area where a bridge  will animate downwards. I am simply just animation the transforms of the camera axis using both triggers and colliders. The trigger is for the camera zone and the collider is for when ziggy lands on the buttons. Very-easy and limited code. Took some trouble shooting but I got it doing what I want….More to come. Seems like everytime i try to upgrade the engine-it corrupts files. So i decided i wont upgrade wow something is under development. If a project is completed-  and something brandnew is about start-then sure. Not sure what causes that but I almost would have lost this again.

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