Adobe vs Apple

The rift between Adobe and Apple has ended. Adobe lost of course. They decided to develop their own tool which will take swfs and convert to HTML (HTML5). The tool is somewhat  similar to Sencha Animator. Sencha animator takes sencha animated content and exports it out as CSS3 code. My thought is that Wallaby (adobe product)  sucks because it only converts CS5 swfs, which I do not have , but my hubby has it installed on his desktop. So that still leaves me in the same predicament, though i do think this is better than having to use the iphone shell foundi n the cs5 suite. Adobe is really trying here, but regardless- whatever they come up with, I still dont think it will be good enough. Wallaby seems really rushed. I think they need to develop an entire kit-so that it would @ least feel native. A kit similar to iphone sdk package.Book cover of Being Geek

My buddy just recommended a book to me called “Being Geek”. I am definately interested in taking a look at it. Its a software developer’s career handbook. It has some interesting topics that I am excited to get some insight on.  I also purchased another book/video tut on developing rich media applications using flex and mxml. This appeals to me because it teaches youthe fundamentals of object oriented programming utilizing flex and mxml along with deploying effective web applications that can access xml from a database. Yes, very geeky-but I am sure it would be beneficial.

 The folks in Japan are definately in my prayers.

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