Asynchronous Recursion.

Its a new year! And I have hopped from framework to framework within the past month. I have come fond of webdevelopment. I like playing around with markup languages and javascripting. Frameworks are wayyy cool though. Jquery , MooTools, and lots of homemade frameworks can go pretty far-they tend to streamline the web development process for people that are actually into code. I decided to code instead of using WYSWYG editors. Its great to actually hand code web sites and lay them out from scratch.

I am working on some portfolio elements that are completely geared towards web dev and mobile development. Along with rich media ads.

And now I speak of… Asynchronous recursion. What is it?

What is it. Its basically the continuous update of displayed tweets. This feature is used alot-and I wanted to tie that into a mobile app that I am working on. This can be accomplished with java using certain APIs. I am sure frameworks out there support this..maybe even HTML5. Lots of frameworks have their own sets up APIs that you, as the developer need to learn. Its not so much of memorizing(which over time–you inadvertently do) but understanding the syntax. Even if your not an expert code junkie, keeping the set of APIs open and glancing back and forth will do the trick. I will be posting web apps that I have been working on that are honing my skills.

Its a new year. Enjoy your life. Hang around good positive people and Great things will happen.

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