The write less code. do more.Love it!

Playing around with more code and loving it.

Heres what I have been messing with:Javascript,(x)html,css3, and the very cool xcode. I developed my first minature web application. Wait…..arent all web apps-miniture? Yes! Its actually very basic-does nothing to fancy, but functions beautifully on the iphone and also integrates the iphones nativity. Has the same style that is used within the “settings” application found every iphone.  yes=”Go Me!”;

HTML5 thoughts?

HTML5 will wipe a lot of flash out. sorry :(  I am a hardcore flash user, but more is needed. The support isnt really there for typical swfs as far as the future of the current mobile web goes. Yes, some things are possible, but too much to go through to get your content to work. I have seen the simple integrations that html5 will wipe out. The new tags and interactions will make html a more powerful language. Most current browsers wont support it, but I definately forsee the html5 capabilities within the future releases.


I remember when i feared these 3 letters, but nowadays I have been wondering why I stayed away from it. PHP is pretty dorn cool integrated with HTML or actionscript. I only dabbled with it and read about it, but haven’d done too much.

What can i use it for? forms and storing data. In actionscript, flashsharedobj are used to store data locally(which is great for flash).For some reason I like forms. I think being able to develop some sort of application that allows an end user to input information is kick-ass. Having that data posted to a server and retrieved is very remarkable. Being able to develop that yourself is pretty sweet.


I like how APPLE came up with this crazzy azz syntax. They made their own syntax even sound cool and more clever than the typical syntax found in other programming languages.  I think web apps seriously about to take over.It is Highly understandable though because no one wants to keep going to the app store to get an app. Having that available immediately is convenient.

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