Time to pick up a Development frameworks+libraries:) Flash/as2/as3 alone is not enough

I decided its best for me to expand my knowledge base and start working with web development based frameworks. I plan to conquer a couple of frameworks within the next couple of months-particulary javascript based frameworks such as jQuery.  Javascript seems to be the answer to cross platform mobile dev issues. So studying j-based framework should help.  I also plan to start brushing up on basic web development that involves html,css,and xhtml since I have been playing around with these frameworks. I spent the weekend dabbeling with a framework more specific to the iphone . Its just too bad that I waited this long to embrace web development.Better late than never. But hey, I am a fast learner when it comes to development and playing around with code. Lets see where this will lead me. I WILL definitely have  a new section added to my site. I chatted with a buddy of mine, and he suggests i pick up a server side language also. He recommended that i not so much master it, but gather a great understanding on how scripts will be called to the server and back to the UI. Flash seems to be taking a backseat as far as its uses for everyday development.

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