A standalone (.exe) or web based  Jeopardy- style game developed from scratch. Quick turn around time(nearly 200+ hours including programming/animation). This version of the game is specifically built for delivery by a facilitator.  I architected the entire game so it can easily be delivered by a facilitator. Built in timer that displays per question. Game currently consists of 3 players, but I will eventually have  a 1 player version that will basically be multiple choice. A unique array was written to decide who is the winner. What was interesting about this tasks was that a typical “ if-then” statement was definately not enough.  It was troublesome to code a never ending “if then” statement. It kept breaking…..turns out after doing adequate research….All the variables had to be plugged into an array.

Character animated in after effects then pulled into flash.  End-users have the ability to enter name. Each of their name displays per question. Built in scoreboard tweeker incase the facilitator awards wrong score.

I am also considering developing another version which checks for keyboard presses instead. (ie: assign teams a keyboard letter. Team 1–letter 1, team 2-letter. If team 1

hits A first–they get to answer the question first. If no response the timer runs out and so on. The game was coded entirely in actionscript 2, but the only movieclip that Ihave code on in the main file is the question mark, which is connected to the “SCOREBOARD Tweaker”. I believe I could easily transition this to actionscript 3.

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