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Game play now consists of 2 levels.1 more level is under development.

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

My game now has 2 levels. I did get the collisions to work. I utilize the itween class developed by Bob Berkebile.The class is also helping me with another project for work. I use it for simple movements. It cuts down on the coding by using this class-very handy. Anyways- The game actually should have been complete but I am constantly testing it to see if it is too challenging. I will have the levels get harder as the game progresses.

***I realize that unity has allowed me to easily transition to actionscript 3.0. Maybe because I have read so much javascript code and even created my own little snippets in unitron- its making the transition super smooth. The transition has been delayed and delayed-but delving back into as3.0 t after experimenting with unity the past 6 months makes it definately more understandable and worthwhile. I think the reason is-that in unitron I can see visual updates of my code and get a better understanding of how code is implemented in games and that helps me translate it into actionscript 3.0

I went through half of an as3 book in 3hrs. I just ordered another!

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