One of the most unique assignments I gave myself for mere self development. My goal here was to simulate a store visit utilizing a game engine. From a technical standpoint, all I am utilizing is basic triggers and collisions with objects. the camera(first person-You) collides with other objects, which then triggers feedback. This was only a prototype-very messy along with bad lighting. I also have a screen capture of the (First Person’s) cellphone ringing. You have the ability to receive or reject incoming calls-and its from your boss-so you may face consequences.  Very cool prototype-opened my eyes to potential projects that could utilize this.

I modeled the store and baked the texture in Maya so that it could be easily imported in the unity3d engine. All the code is in javascript(well unitys version of js files). I also utilized bob berkebiles itween.js class for animation the back door opening Not Front.

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