Jovan Mitchell-Etienne (UI Developer/ Automation)  

Web Applications/Tools/Plug-ins


Custom Carousel
(Brightspace component)

vue.js, json rest api, javascript, css, brightspace api, components

carousel editor

Custom Editor for Carousel

UX, UI,vue.js, json, rest api

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Asset Library (remote plugin)

UI/UX, vuejs, vanillajs, and css, brightspace integration

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Attachment Gallery (remote plugin)

vuejs, vanilla javascript, brightspace integration + zwibbler integration

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Course Versioning Tool

vuejs, d2l api, javascript

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Katbot (tool)

javascript and kaltura api,and bootstrap

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OneVoice Resource site

jquery, rest, and sharepoint data for custom analytics tracking as well as data storage

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Content Development Calculator

UX, UI, angular.js

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My Skills Microsite

UI/UX, Custom analytics using knockout and sharepoint rest api

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jquery, rest, and sharepoint data for custom analytics tracking

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New Manager Assessment Tool (SPA)

UX, UI, Development using Vue.js/chart.js | sharepoint as storage

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Grace period tool

UX, UI, Development using jquery

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Career Path tool(Enterprise)

UX/UI, vuejs,html,css,bootstrap,json + Xml, responsive web development

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Peer Review Portal

UX,UI, angularjs, restapi and bootstrap

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OneVoice (updated resource site)

UX,UI, jquery, bootstrap 4

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IT Engineering

UX,UI, jquery, bootstrap 4


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My very own SAAS product. Web version leverages angularjs and bootstrap and Firebase as a backend. mobile app leverages React-native with firebase as backend


ZiggyPop Adventure Game

The app was originally on iOS and android. Now it is only available on IOS. But the gameplay consist of taking a cute little girl character through a series of levels. You have to dodge pink dinosaurs as you navigate. The game was built in unity back in the day. my 1st app on ios.



This unity app allows users to play the role of a small dragon. You simply shake the phone to navigate through your laps. This app is available on iPhone and android. Initially the app was built for fitness and users were to use a Garmin footpad. Long story short-too many legalities; I could never move the project forward as well as easily test. I abandoned it and settled for simply shaking the device. App is available on iPhone and Android


Screen scraping of profile information to a json file

Scraping hundreds of intranet profiles in minutes.

Cloud Architecting


Technical Delivery

  (Project Management, UI/UX and QA skills)

ALN Technical SME

Pulse- Anthem Learning Network (Technical Delivery Manager 2017-2020)